My First Explicit Experience of Disablism on my Year Abroad

TW: Disablism

I was extremely shocked/dismayed/saddened/disgusted (all of these emotions) when a good friend informed me yesterday that someone in one of my politics classes here at the University of Barcelona had told him that they had allegedly heard disablist language (that is, discriminatory language and attitudes towards disabled people) being used in reference to myself during a conversation between some of my fellow students in one of my lectures a few days ago…

Sadly, I don’t know the students who were talking about me in this way nor exactly what was said, but I was told that it was extremely politically incorrect.

If anyone knows who these students are, please do let me know. I don’t wish for any action to be taken against them, but I would like to educate them, so that they don’t make the same mistake again.

Discriminatory language and behaviour towards any liberation groups is never acceptable nor should it ever be tolerated.

Despite this occurrence, I’m still loving Barcelona and the Year Abroad Experience

Castilian and Catalan versions of this post to come later!