Norwich is inbred, Dundee is shite, Birmingham is a dump: What Google thinks of where you live


Yeah, Derby's crap. Google says so (Graphic: Steve Nimmo/ Yeah, Derby’s crap. Google says so (Graphic: Steve Nimmo/

Miley Cyrus called Birmingham the sluttiest place in the UK this week and now property website Rightmove has named east London the worst place to live in the country.

But who says they are any kind of authority on the subject? For that we must turn to Google – which has been providing all our true-fact research needs since 1998.

When we asked Google about places in the British Isles, its predictive search offered some enlightening results.

Hertfordshire is ‘posh’ while Inverness is just ‘shite’. Sorry Inverness, but can we really argue with Google?

Of course we can. Arguing is what the internet is all about. So has Google got a point?

True, Edinburgh IS colder than London but is Chester irritable? We’d have ask Chester to be sure – but first checking that it’s a good time to ask it…

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