Miliband can’t tell promise from process, Balls can’t tell his Arsenal from his Eldorado, Dan Hannan can’t tell the irregular from the deregulated, and the Old Bailey isn’t telling us anything.

An interesting take on the current situation with Labour here in the UK…

The Slog.

The Opposition Leader has been in overdrive during the last week. There is no end to the things he’s going to do “under my Government”. We will ban it, we will abolish it, we will save it, we will double it, we will stop it.

So far, I’ve yet to see a single worked-out process (financial or legal) for any of it. As for Ed Balls, over the weekend he gave us the heads-up on the Eurovision Song Contest (he’s definitely not a sceptic) and Norwich City – they didn’t play well, but this kind of Twitter crap plays well with the target audience.

What we haven’t heard at all from the Shadow Chancellor as yet is a single word about Osborne’s econo-fiscal con-trick (he doesn’t want to rock the boat, see, mustn’t talk Britain down) or the biggest financial and austerity fuelled slump in world history heading our way.

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